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King of the Throne

Aaron Laine

Fixtures and Fittings founder Aaron Laine started his career in decorative plumbing and hardware as a college intern with a Houston based showroom. After graduating with his degree in interior design, Aaron took a position with this neighborhood showroom and set out to learn everything he could about the business. Feeling fortunate to train under seasoned professionals, Aaron spent many late nights asking questions, taking faucets and locks apart, and reading any information he could find about the products. " I really did not realize how much I would like the technical aspect of the job. I love to problem solve and create beautiful designs. Partnering with the clients is truly my favorite part of the business." Aaron said.

Aaron's client base and portfolio quickly grew as did his involvement in the business. From selecting and designing displays to traveling to find new products, Aaron's insight became instrumental in business growth. After many years of working in a small family run business, Aaron jumped on the opportunity when he was personally asked to work with a large national showroom. Here he learned the systems of a larger corporation while continuing to expand his exposure to product lines and design concepts.

Eleven years after starting in this industry, Aaron founded Fixtures & Fittings, Inc. drawing on his experiences; he combined the neighborhood quality of a small business with the efficiency of a larger corporation to create this client focused business.